Pageant & Model Training

Most people feel that beauty pageants are just a platform to showcase physical beauty. But at BSA pageant is lot more than just that! Beauty pageants teach the contestants some valuable lessons about life. From all my experience gathered over the years as a beauty pageant organizer, I can confidently say that BSA pageants will transform the girls into confident, intelligent girls who are all ready to face the world.

So, if you are looking at boosting your confidence levels, developing a positive attitude, and improving your communication skills, I reckon you must, at least once in your life, participate in a BSA PAGEANT. Once you are on that stage, your school grades, qualifications, family background, or financial status don’t matter at all. The only things that matters are your self-confidence and your positive attitude towards life.


Because we believe Everyone Is Beautiful In Their Own Unique Way

Much in contrast to what the perception of ‘beauty is in society, the definition of ‘beauty is a lot more inclusive in the world of ‘beauty pageants’. Thankfully, here, it’s not just about pretty faces, fair complexion, or flawless skin. It goes a whole lot deeper than that. When it comes to BSA Beauty Pageants, ‘beauty’ is also defined as a reflection of one’s values, thoughts, and attitude. It’s not your color, caste, or religion that’ll help you win. But your purity of thoughts and internal beauty could definitely take you a long way.

Because BSA Pageants Teach You To Compete With Your Own Self

As a mentor and a guide, I always advise my Participants to compete with their own selves rather than with the other competitors. It’s always good to look within yourselves and find your own strengths and weaknesses. Upgrading your strengths and working on your weaknesses ensures that you transform into a better version of your own selves. I then ask them to look back on their journey from where they started to see how they have been able to improve and prove all the naysayers, along the way, wrong.


  • 1) BSA will give all the finalists a chance to network with the industry people.
  • 2) All the finalist will get a professional portfolio shoot done and BSA will also circulate the same in the industry for the career opportunities.
  • 3) On finale special guests from fashion and film industry will be called, we will also be calling the talent agencies for more career opportunities for our finalists.

Because beauty pageants can be life-changing

In my career, I have met so many young girls & boys who would underestimate themselves because they felt they were not ‘good enough as per the parameters set by society. Having been called ‘not beautiful enough’ or ‘not intelligent enough for most of their lives had undoubtedly taken a toll on their self-confidence. So much so that they would be a nervous wreck if they had to speak on stage for even a minute! The same youngsters completely transformed after being part of beauty pageants! Not just did it drastically boost their confidence levels, but it also remarkably enhanced other skills like communication, leadership, interviews, and poise. These attributes not just help you in the pageants world but also in any career option that you would choose in your life.